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For many years, with the long and repeated research on eye care, Ivandora has founded its own brand in colored contact lenses field -Vandora® in the USA!

We have our own lab, which is designed under the high specification details of the contact lens itself. The in-house optometrist, engineering and Vandora team work very closely to ensure the consistent output of a comfortable contact lens with excellent visual acuity.

Vandora branded contact lenses are produced in compliance with international standards and have been medically approved by CE & FDA. We advance the duration and medical function of colored lenses.


Vandora® -your brand

Vandora® Official gives you best and wide selection of colors, styles and series with affordable price and high-quality. Besides, to bring a happy life, we gift you some cute and lovely stuffs. You will see!

We put your outstanding shopping experience in our priority. Besides the best-quality products and service, we are working on the best experience of you “coming home” and have a great memory in every corner of our site. We value your spirit level here.

This is branded colored contact lenses!

Choose VANDORA®!

Contact us #vandora at info@ivandora.com.